Exquisite Corpse at the Music Box

There will be a special pre-festival screening of all the Chicago comedy TV pilots that are going to the New York Television Festival. It's Tuesday, Oct. 15th at the historic Music Box Theater.

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Creature Feature at CIC

Set in 1938 on a radio soundstage, it's Creature Feature Radio Hour. As the show goes live from coast-to-coast for the first time to bring "The Wolfman of Mummy Island" to life before the audience's ears, the studio is intruded upon by a strange and malevolent extraterrestrial force with the ability to change shape. No one is safe, and everyone is a suspect. The cast may be killing each other, but "the show must go on!"

Directed by Mark Logsdon
Written by Jared Jeffries, Phil Meister, Mike Klasek, Morgan Lord
Featuring  Jared Jeffries, Phil Meister, Mike Klasek, Morgan Lord, Emma Pope, Brian Biancardi and Bill Stern

Stage Managed by Sarah Borer

Friday & Saturday, October 4th - November 2nd @ 8pm at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy 

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Pilot Press

The Exquisite Corpse pilot was profiled today on The Steamroller. I hope he'll review the whole thing after our special screening on Aug.10 at 3pm at the Public House Theatre.
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Critics love Exquisite Corpse at Annoyance!

The Chicago Reader: In the 1920s, surrealists had a theory that stripping everyday associations of their context could imbue them with the unnerving hyperreality of dreams. The "exquisite corpse" method puts that into practice. In this sketch-comedy application, a cascade of non sequiturs are loosely connected by artifacts from prior bits. Rampant babbling, slurring, bizarre mouthing, and near-verbal jibberjabber make the show a technically exhilarating spectacle, and ingenious lighting adds fuel to the fantasy. Individual scenes can be anemic, or unrestrained—the setup hauls a corpselike figure onstage, for instance, and temporarily spoils the fun by naming the game. Yet these early missteps are redeemed by gripping juxtapositions.
 —Jena Cutie

Chicagoist: "Exquisite Corpse" is an intensely tangential sketch comedy show from the Chicago-based comedy collective Claymore Productions. With this series of interrelated scenes of "pure, uncut sketch," Claymore and company have come up with one of the most surreal and memorably weird comedy shows you'll see this summer. The historically subversive Annoyance Theater is a perfect home for this idea-stuffed gut buster, which repeatedly and lovingly pulls the rug out from underneath the audience, with a handful of fourth wall-breaking gags that aim to both please and challenge. The extended cast, which effectively expands Claymore's bleakly bizarre universe, features a number of favorites from the Chicago underground sketch and improv scene, including the perpetually put-upon Paul Jurewicz and two-man sketch duo Be Good Boys (Mike Brunlieb and Andrew Tisher), who dexterously toy with the reality of the entire show. To explain much more would be to spoil the fun -- hoof it up to Uptown to catch this nugget of silliness while there's still time.
-Matt Byrne
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Exquisite Corpse (TV Pilot) Trailer

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I Love those chain restaurants!

New written piece at KillAllComedy.com
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KAC wins Best of Chicago award from Chicago Magazine

Kill All Comedy was named "Best Emerging Comedy Troupe" by Chicago Magazine. Full story here:

This is pretty much equivalent to the award Inkling won in 2011, so that's cool.

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